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Anne McAneny's Books: Ocular Denial

Grill a witness? No problem. Kill a witness? Problem.

Anne McAneny's Books: Foreteller

A pulse-pounding mystery that forces an archaeologist to dig through her past in order to ensure a future…

Anne McAneny's Books: Raveled

Small-town lies. Big-time twists. A heart-wrenching thriller that sends a jaded daughter back to the town and the deadly night that ripped her young life apart.

Anne McAneny's Books: Skewed

A tantalizing mystery thriller that opens with a bang, turns lives upside down, and delivers a shocking jolt of a finale…

Anne McAneny's Books: Circled

The swamp never lies. Murderers do.

***Silver Medal Winner—2016 Independent Publisher Book Awards!

***Bronze Medal Winner—2016 Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards!

Anne McAneny's Books: Vicarious

An unnerving suspense tale that ensnares a missing girl, a mad artist, and an unreliable witness, culminating in a double-whammy of a surprise!

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