Editing can turn “good” into “gold”!

BooketyBop your work and make it shine!
What’s better than an editor? An editor who’s been in your shoes! Anne McAneny, the Amazon bestselling author of “The Crime After Time” Collection, now offers BooketyBop Editing Services. 
BooketyBop Editing by Anne McAneny

Editing Details and Rates

  • Choose this option if you are happy with your story and you simply want to make sure it’s ready for the public. I’ll check spelling, punctuation, grammar, style consistency, verb tenses, proper dialogue formatting, etc.

  • Choose this option if your story is well on its way, but you are willing to work to take it to the next level. I’ll Identify crutch words, word echoes, passive verbs, awkward sentence structure, problems with logic, plot holes, point of view changes, etc. I’ll smooth out sentences, make your dialogue snappier, enliven your verbs, and highlight passages that drag or might lose reader interest. I don’t hold back at this level, so take my comments with a grain of salt and only go with the ones that ring true to you.

  • Choose this option if you have a first draft or a comprehensive outline but are willing to change the story, add/lose/combine characters, add new twists, etc. I will give you a broader critique of your manuscript and tell you where it works and where it doesn’t, focusing on plot, pacing, characterization, story arc, character arcs, point of view, hooks, twists, etc.

  • This is my favorite option, and you can use it at any stage! Send me thirty or fifty pages (or however many you want) and let me dig in. You may have crafted the most intriguing story this side of Venus, but if the first few pages contain errors or fail to hook readers, they won’t finish your book, and your reviews will suffer for it. Sometimes, you just need someone to show you the way.

    Within thirty pages, most writers’ problem areas will shine. After I’m done, you can apply my corrections and suggestions to the rest of your document. This option saves you money and gets your work back in your hands more quickly. I will also summarize my findings and make general recommendations in a note to you, and if I spot an issue that can easily be corrected with Microsoft Word’s Search & Replace function, I will let you know.

    Common issues:

    • Telling the reader what a character is about to say or do before the character says or does it
    • Incorrect use of quotation marks, apostrophes, dashes, hyphens, semicolons, etc.
    • Dialogue/formatting issues
    • Abrupt changes in point of view
    • Passive verbs or repetitive use of “going to run” and “starting to run” instead of “run”
    • Spacing between sentences
    • Use of crutch words like actually, really, suddenly, etc.
    • Too much attribution (unnecessary he said and she said)
    • Word echoes. If you use an uncommon word such as nonchalant twice in a paragraph or page or chapter, I will point it out and possibly suggest an alternative
    • Tendency to tell rather than show: “A fire started in the living room” instead of “Flames shot out from behind the sofa.”
  • If you have an unusual request, just let me know. You might have three paragraphs in need of a polish, a 500-character book description for a promotion, or an important email you’d like shortened. If I’m at my computer, I may be able to help right away, so don’t hesitate to ask.

  • If you’re questioning whether your essay answers the prompt, or if you need suggestions on how to improve your essay, I have experience consulting on these pressing issues. I will not rewrite your content, but I can steer you in the right direction and make sure you turn in an essay that is grammatically correct.

  • The shorter the work, the more impact each word gains. I can help you punch up descriptions and sustain reader interest.

  • If you don’t know what KDP or KDP Select is, I can fill you in! I will share valuable resources and lessons I’ve learned from publishing my own books and those of others. I’ll guide you through the self-publishing process and answer any questions you might have.

Editing FAQs

    • Fiction, all types
    • Non-fiction that doesn’t include footnotes or special formatting
    • College essays
    • Screenplays
    • Blurbs
    • Query letters
    • Synopses
    • Website Content

    While I’m willing to provide sample edits for all types of writing, I prefer fiction novels in the following genres: mysteries/thriller/crime, chick-lit, romance, historical, literary.

  • Each job depends on many factors, but after I look at a sample of your work and assess my current workload, I can provide an estimated completion date.

    A copy edit of an entire manuscript may take one to three weeks, while a single college essay might take thirty minutes or two hours.

  • Discounts are available for veterans and seniors. Deferred payment options available. If your writing is in great shape, thereby requiring less work on my part, I will discount the job accordingly.

  • If you are dissatisfied with any portion of my work, I will provide you a proportional refund, up to 100%.

Editing Testimonials

Anne is my go-to with all my clients’ college essay submissions. She assists in not only the grammar, syntax and structure of the essay, but helps to refocus the writing to more clearly and substantially answer the prompt. She is an integral part of my essay team!
–Karen Monaghan, Independent College Counselor
After having sold three screenplays and having one produced starring Harvey Keitel, and then writing two novels which found representation by a fairly prestigious agency, it was easy to start feeling as though I had this writing thing figured out. I had my first novel edited by a guy in Chicago and got a few helpful notes with grammatical errors identified, but then I asked Anne McAneny to edit my second novel, and what an incredible difference. She pointed out many things I was doing that weakened my story, and her editing literally taught me how to become a better writer. Her ability to get to the heart of the story and make it move with more urgency (so many of my sentences were passive) made my novel exponentially stronger. She is direct and to the point (but always constructive), so if you’re a fragile writer who only wants to hear praise, she’s probably not the editor for you. But if you want to have a better piece of writing at the end of the process, then you will absolutely have that. I cannot recommend her enough.
–Michael Cordell
Anne McAneny tightened and sharpened the sections of my book that she reviewed. I was also able to learn from her editing and apply her lens to the rest of the manuscript. I highly recommend Anne!
–Chuck Hansen, Author & Humorist
Anne was integral in helping us come up with the right language on our product packaging and website. We have sold that business, but she is the first one we will go to for our next endeavor. I can’t recommend her enough. She’s smart, knows her stuff, has good instincts, and is easy to work with.
–Lisa Hoskins-Holmes, Entrepreneur