Foreteller Cover 2015 Crime After Time
A pulse-pounding mystery that forces an archaeologist to dig through her past in order to ensure a future…

With her present-day life in upheaval, the last thing archaeologist Zoey Kincaid needs is a 25-year-old message of doom. Forced to dust the cobwebs from her shadowy past, Zoey uncovers crimes, deception, and buried family secrets. But will she put it all together in time to ensure a future?

The message, in the form of a letter from her deceased mother, describes a dire set of events on the banks of the Schuylkill River. Unbeknownst to Zoey, her mother belonged to a select group of foretellers who could see beyond normal timelines. Zoey then learns that a recently arrested ex-con may be her real father—with her DNA serving as a vital link to his conviction.

Life takes a dark turn when Zoey’s fiancĂ© begins to behave irrationally, and a former stalker, now a powerful corporate titan, resurfaces with a vengeance. The more secrets she unearths, the more the foretelling gains credibility. With suspects in every direction, she must force herself to believe in a mother she barely knew to give her any hope for a future.