Ocular Denial

ocular denial cover ebook
Grill a witness? No problem. Kill a witness? Problem.

What’s worse than Dad killing Mom? How about the fear of turning into Dad? Whizbang defense attorney Declan McCord eats eyewitnesses for breakfast, but recent mental lapses imperil his career. Life hits a stunning new low when Declan is arrested for murder. He claims self-defense, but nobody buys it. Did he imagine the weapon? Did he imagine the threats? What else hasn’t been real lately?

Now, Declan’s psychiatrist may be forced to reveal dark secrets, and his girlfriend is pressuring him to plead insanity. The DA, who despises him, desperately needs a high-profile conviction. As obstacles stack up and his delirium grows worse, Declan must craft his own defense, with his only help coming from associates who may be hiding secrets of their own.

In this flip-flop world where the lawyer becomes the accused, one man fights against a troubled past while launching a desperate battle for his freedom—and his sanity.