SKEWED Cover official from TM
A tantalizing mystery thriller that opens with a bang, turns lives upside down, and delivers a shocking jolt of a finale…

Janie Perkins rocks a warped relationship with cameras. Forced in front of them as an infant, she now hides behind them as a crime scene photographer with a bad habit. But for a girl born to a waitress in a coma—courtesy of a bullet from her famous father—warped relationships are the norm.

When Janie receives two photos of her mother’s crime scene, she gains a dire perspective on the decades-old death, one that threatens to upend her life and resurrect the wrath of a long-dormant serial killer.

With her twin brother running for office and her own problems mounting, Janie finds herself in the dreaded spotlight once again. The two photos don’t help matters. Enlisting the help of a unique crime consultant, a newbie detective, and her estranged father, she pries off the layers of deceit that marked her mother’s final day. But as an unwelcome truth comes into focus, Janie may wish she’d left things undeveloped. Will she now pay the ultimate price for righting her skewed existence?